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Solar Frontier introduces CIS SolarSets2013-07-10

Munich, 10 July 2013– Solar Frontier has announced today a suite of SolarSets for the residential rooftop segment in Germany and Denmark. Providing both installation convenience and optimal output, the standardized PV systems are designed to leverage the unique strengths of CIS modules, ranging from 2kWp to 8kWp in ten configurations.
”In tough market competition the best system with the highest kWh performance wins. That is to say, the combination of highest return on investment and highest investment security,” explains Wolfgang Lange, Managing Director of Solar Frontier Europe.  “Our new SolarSets represent the best match between inverters and CIS module technology to maximize performance. This and the easy selection of the system’s size saves our customers time, eliminates potential missteps, and ensures yield based on the advantages of CIS technology.”
Installers can order the new SolarSets directly from Solar Frontier Europe or via Authorized Distributors in Germany and Denmark.
A number of strengths distinguish CIS from other technologies. These include performance in low light conditions, higher resistance to power degradation in the heat of midday, a boost in power output following initial exposure to sunlight, and power under partial shading. While these advantages are independent, the SolarSet configuration optimizes them using a new Solar Frontier inverter with a patented cooling system, broad voltage range, earlier start, and later shut-off. This means high power at high temperature as well as power at levels of irradiation that are too low for other inverters to handle.
The inverter also consumes minimal power itself, with characteristics specially designed for the 2 to 10kWp range.
“The Solar Frontier inverter combines with our CIS modules in a way that enables us to make even better use of CIS advantages,” said Lange. “Excellent low-light behavior, high temperature stability, and the shadow tolerance of Solar Frontier’s CIS modules coupled with the inverter’s fast start-up and cooling features make it possible to extract maximum power, producing more kWh per installed kWp. In this way our customers profit from higher yields in addition to saving the time and money involved in much of the system configuration.”
Solar Frontier is offering five years product warranty on the SolarSets, which can be extended to seven years upon online registering.
For more information contact Solar Frontier Europe at (+49-89 928 61 42-0) or visit
About Solar Frontier
Solar Frontier K.K., a 100% subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. (TYO:5002) (“Solar Frontier”), has a mission to create the most economical, ecological solar energy solutions on Earth. Building on a legacy of work in solar energy since the 1970s, Solar Frontier today develops and manufactures CIS (denoting copper, indium, selenium) thin-film solar modules for customers in all sectors around the world. Solar Frontier’s gigawatt-scale production facilities in Miyazaki, Japan, integrate compelling economical and ecological advantages into every module: from lower energy requirements in manufacturing to the higher overall output (kWh) of CIS in real operating conditions. Solar Frontier is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in Europe, the U.S.A., and the Middle East. Visit for more information.
Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K.
Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has roots dating back more than 100 years in the downstream energy business.
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