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Mount Hutton Residential

Oceania Residential

  • Location:Newcastle, Australia
  • Date onstream:2010-11
  • System Capacity:9.2 kWp

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Geoff Tyler

Geoff Tyler
Mount Hutton
New South Wales

We did quite a bit of research and found that the Solar Frontier panels had the most efficient Watt rating, variation with temperature and the best lifespan. You get more bang for your Watt!

Site Overview

Coordinates 32.9 °S 151.6 °E
Average Global Irradiance 1,662 kWh/m2/yr
Average Temperature 18.8 °C • 65.8 °F
Average Precipitation 1,127 mm • 44.3 in/yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SC-85-A (82.5 W)
Number of panels installed 112
Panel angle and Orientation 30° (avg.), 0° North
Output 23/11/10 - 31/12/10: 426 kWh
CO2 reduction 386 kg • 851 lbs

Mount Hutton Residential

The Tylers have become more energy conscious since installing their Solar Frontier CIS modules, helping them earn even more money from their installation.

Families around the world are giving greater consideration to the impact of their daily purchases and lifestyle decisions. From the outset, Geoff and Bronwen Tyler of Newcastle, Australia, envisaged living on a completely eco-friendly property that would provide a sustainable lifestyle for them and their family. The couple’s self confessed ‘green bias’, together with the rising cost of electricity and the solar rebates available, made the decision to go solar a simple one.


The Tylers chose Solar Shop Australia for their solar installation and after looking into all the different choices available, they selected Solar Frontier CIS photovolatic modules. Solar Shop Australia installed a 9.2 kW system with 112 panels and its performance - and aesthetics - have exceeded expectation. “I can’t believe how they made my roof look so modern and new,” Bronwen said. “And we earn approximately $2,500 AUD per quarter from our solar panels,” added Geoff.


Solar panels make a valued addition to the family home. The real estate market is experiencing growing demand for houses with green credentials, which increase the property’s value, while also passing on the benefits of solar power to the next generation. With electricity costs on the rise, solar panels not only make good sense environmentally, but financially too.

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