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Yokohama Smart House Project

Asia Residential

  • Location:Yokohama, Japan
  • Date onstream:2010-11
  • System Capacity:2.1 kWp

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Shingo Iwai

Shingo Iwai
Store Manager, Yokohama Branch
Housing Division
Sumitomo Forestry

We selected Solar Frontier’s CIS modules because their all-black appearance not only offers good design, but excellent value as well. We recommend them to anyone who wants a ‘smarter’ house.

Site Overview

Coordinates 35.5° N, 139.6° E
Average Global Irradiance 1,357 kWh/m2/yr
Average Temperature 16.3 °C • 61.4° F
Average Precipitation 1,555 mm • 61.2 in/yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SC85-A (85W)
Number of panels installed 25

Yokohama Smart House

The intelligent technology used to manage the home’s energy ensures that it is both comfortable and efficient.


At the 2010 edition of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC) held in Japan, there was more on the agenda than just economic partnerships. Sumitomo Forestry also unveiled its “Smart House,” a model home which showcases the latest environmental technology, as well as Solar Frontier’s CIS modules. Sumitomo Forestry, established in 1691, is one of Japan’s leading homebuilders.


The Sumitomo Forestry Minato Mirai Exhibition is part of the Yokohama Smart City Project, a joint public-private project for the realization of a sustainable society. The project demonstrates the energy efficient Smart House, which is designed to create a comfortable environment that also is environmentally friendly. The house is installed with next-generation power management systems and is significantly more efficient than ordinary homes. Indeed, the house is not just carbon neutral, it is carbon negative: each step in its entire life cycle helps to reduce CO2 emissions.


A key component in this project is the use of intelligent energy sources like photovoltaic panels. Solar Frontier’s CIS modules were the perfect choice to complement the technologies used in the home. Not only do the high-performance modules contribute substantially to achieving the carbon-negative goal, they also enhance the building’s appearance. Solar Frontier built its business on installations like these, offering homeowners across Japan and around the world performance and beauty.

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