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Residential Rooftop, Scharbeutz

Europe Residential

  • Location:Scharbeutz, Germany
  • Date onstream:2010-12
  • System Capacity:8.7 kWp

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Alexander Hansmann
Managing Director

With Solar Frontier's CIS modules I am happy to be able to offer to our customers an innovative product that shows real added value in terms of performance and efficiency, regardless of shadow conditions, with the extra benefit of the light soaking effect.

Site Overview

Coordinates 54.02° N, 10.75° E
Average Global Irradiance 979 kWh/m²/yr
Average Temperature 8.7° C ・47.6° F
Average Precipitation 698 mm ・ 27.4 in./yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SF87H-EX-B (87.5 W)
Number of panels installed 99
Panel angle and Orientation 45°, East 10°
CO2 reduction 3,168 kg ・ 6,983 lbs
Inverter SMA SB 4000 TL-20 (x2)

Residential Rooftop, Scharbeutz

Despite the harsh Northern German climate and low irradiance levels, this Solar Frontier CIS installation has a performance ratio of up to 103 percent.


Based in Northern Germany, BalticSolar is an innovative and leading company founded in 2004 by solar energy specialists with deep experience in developing and marketing photovoltaic facilities. From consulting to purchasing and planning by its engineers, right up to installation by the experienced BalticSolar construction team – all of these services are delivered by the same company.


This rooftop construction was installed by BalticSolar on a private house in Scharbeutz. The Northern German town is located next to the bay of Lübeck on the Eastern coast of Schleswig Holstein. A total of 99 Solar Frontier CIS modules were installed, delivering 8.66 kWp of system capacity.


In Germany – as in Japan, where Solar Frontier established its business catering to the needs of residential owners – environmental considerations can carry high priority. So the fact that Solar Frontier’s CIS technology is cadmium and lead free was a compelling factor for the end user. The uniform black appearance of the modules was also significant. Half a year after having connected the installation to the grid, performance data showed that the plant generated above average power output and had a performance ratio of up to 103 percent, despite the harsh Northern German climate and low irradiance levels.


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