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BELECTRIC FRANCE Free-Field Solar Power Plant, Bessan, France

Europe Utility

  • Location:Bessan, France
  • Date onstream:2011-09
  • System Capacity:4,190 kWp

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Jochen Meyer

With Solar Frontier modules we were able to achieve the economics we needed while at the same time having optimal aesthetic integration with the environment.

Site Overview

Coordinates 43.37° N, 3.38° E
Average Global Irradiance 1,480 kWh/m²/yr
Average Temperature 15.1 °C, 59.18 °F
Average Precipitation 640 mm/yr, 25.2 in/yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SF140-L (140 W)
Number of panels installed 29,931
Panel angle and Orientation 15°, 0° S
Output 5,570,000 kWh/yr
CO2 reduction 4,010,000 kg/yr, 8,840,537 lbs/yr
Inverter SMA: SC 400HE, SC 500HE, SC 630HE

BELECTRIC Solar Power Plant, France

The Solar Power Plant with the 29,931 modules is the first Free-Field Solar Power Plant, based on Solar Frontier‘s CIS technology. (Image: BELECTRIC France)

BELECTRIC designs, manufactures and constructs photovoltaic systems around the world. Beside Free-Field Solar Power Plants, they offer a wide product range consisting of photovoltaic rooftop installations as well as photovoltaic parking lot rooftops or photovoltaic greenhouse installations. The company is headquartered in Lower Franconian Kolitzheim and employs 2,000 people in 15 nations.


BELECTRIC France, based in Vendres, and building on the company‘s tradition, develops and constructs roof-mounted photovoltaic systems and utility-grade-free-field solar power plants through its own engineering team. Taking advantage of BELECTRIC’s expertise, Bessan is the first power plant in France to use Solar Frontier‘s cadmium and lead free CIS modules.


Based on an idyllically-located historical vineyard in the south of France, this installation took only six weeks from planning to grid connection. The 29,931 black modules are installed at an incline of 15 degrees – lower than the more usual 25 degrees – and thereby integrating the homogenously black plant into its surroundings. With an installed capacity of 4.19 MWp, the RoHS compliant Solar Frontier CIS modules are expected to generate an annual output of 5,570,000 kWh and a CO2 reduction of 4,010 tons per year.


**Financing Bank  : Saar LB

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