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BELECTRIC Warehouse, Kolitzheim

Europe Commertial

  • Location:Kolitzheim, Germany
  • Date onstream:2011-07
  • System Capacity:554.6 kWp

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Martin Zembsch
Managing Director

The photovoltaic rooftop installation on our new warehouse is a successful example of the use of large roof areas for modern and ecological power generation. Solar Frontier’s CIS thin-film modules are suited perfectly to this rooftop because of their better light efficiency even in the case of low tilt of our warehouse. Already weeks after start of operations the output was superior than expected.

Site Overview

Coordinates 49.9° N, 10.2° E
Average Global Irradiance 1,105.30 kWh/m²/yr
Average Temperature 8.96 °C, 48.13 °F
Average Precipitation 577 mm/yr, 22.74 in/yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SF130-L (130 W)
Number of panels installed 4,266
Panel angle and Orientation 8°, 35° S
Output 540,715.50 kWh/yr
CO2 reduction 369,000 kg/yr, 813,505 lbs/yr
Inverter 30xSMC11000TL-10 18xSMC10000TL-10 1xTripower17000TL-10


This rooftop installation on the BELECTRIC warehouse is a successful example of how to use industrial rooftops for ecological power generation. (Image: BELECTRIC)

BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH, headquartered in the Photovoltaics Center of Kolitzheim in Schweinfurt, is a market-leading designer, manufacturer and constructor of ground-mounted solar power plants. BELECTRIC employs more than 1,600 people in 15 nations and has been active in the power plant segment since 2010.


Among the company’s strengths is its expertise in manufacturing BoS equipment. At BELECTRIC headquarters, engineers and technicians perform research in different fields of interdisciplinary photovoltaics to develop leading technologies for increasing the economy of power generation for the future. The team constructs photovoltaic systems from planning, to installation, to maintenance, thereby ensuring efficient and long-term operations.


When BELECTRIC decided to add warehouse capacity for fast and reliable delivery to customers, it chose Solar Frontier CIS thin-film modules. High module efficiency and environmental friendliness, underscored by meeting RoHS standards, were keys to the decision.


With a total capacity of 555 kWp, the installation covers the yearly energy needs of approximately 180 four-person households and reduces CO2 emission by 369 tons per year. The uniform black surface of the system integrates well with the appearence of the building and the surrounding landscape.

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