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mp-tec Solar Power Plant Eberswalde

Europe Utility

  • Location:Eberswalde, Germany
  • Date onstream:2011-07
  • System Capacity:4,886 kWp

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Karl Heinz Remmers
SKW Solarkraftwerk Eberswalde GmbH (operating company)

Solar Frontier convinces with the high quality of its modules as well as accurate and professional project management, contract loyalty, customer support and logistics service. Quality and good support are our deciding factors in choosing solar modules.

Site Overview

Coordinates 52.86° N, 13.77° E
Average Global Irradiance 1,014 kWh/m²/yr
Average Temperature 9.0 °C, 48.2 °F
Average Precipitation 567 mm/yr, 22.3 in/yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SF130-L (130 W), SF140-L (140 W)
Number of panels installed 36,720
Panel angle and Orientation 20°, 0° south
Output 4,845,000 kWh/yr
CO2 reduction 3,900,000 kg/yr, 8,598,028 lbs/yr
Inverter 80 x Siemens PVM20 and 175 x PVM17

mp-tec Solar Power Plant

The 17-hectare installation with CIS modules offers aesthetic design and provides 1,500 households annually with solar energy.


mp-tec is a specialist in the development and implementation of solar PV, solar thermal, and mounting systems, based in Eberswalde, Germany. mp-tec also builds turn-key solar parks, and has been a manufacturer, distributor and project-based service provider since 2002. mp-tec also partners with specialist dealers, skilled craftsmen, planners, and investors in Europe. With 75 employees and a network of approximately 4,000 trade partners, mp-tec is the largest solar systems company in the former East German states.



In less than three months, mp-tec installed and connected five megawatts of Solar Frontier panels at the Technology and Business Park in Eberswalde, Germany to the grid . Used for the first time, a new single-foot assembly system allowed for quicker mounting of modules than conventional systems. Up to three rows of framed modules can be assembled in portrait mounting.


The Eberswalde installation is the first solar park using CIS thin-film modules from Solar Frontier in Brandenburg. The most convincing aspects of Solar Frontier’s CIS modules for mp-tec were their economic viability and high efficiency. Due to the uniform black appearance of the CIS modules the installation also integrates into the landscape better than other technologies.


The 17-hectare thin-film installation is expected to produce 4,845,000 kWh per year, generating enough energy for approximately 1,500 two-person households, saving up to 3,900 tons of CO2 emissions per year.


**Financing Bank : Berliner Volksbank & DZ Bank

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