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Uyeno Transtech Kaiyu Maru

Asia Commertial

  • Location:Kaiyu Maru
  • Date onstream:2007-07
  • System Capacity:312 kWp

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Hiroshi Aida

Hiroshi Aida
Kaiyu Maru
Shikoku Chuo Kisen

Shigeo Ishizawa
Executive Managing Officer
Ship Management Group
Uyeno Transtech

These panels work flawlessly and they need virtually no maintenance.
(Hiroshi Aida)

We are very satisfied with our installation of Solar Frontier panels.
(Shigeo Ishizawa)

Site Overview

Type Tanker
Dimensions 104 m x 16 m
Tonnage 3,490 t
Deadweight tonnage 4,999 t

Technical Overview

Panel Type 80 W
Number of panels installed 39
Panel angle and Orientation 0°, various
Output Jul. '07 - Dec. '10: 6,486 kWh
CO2 reduction 2,918 kg ・ 6,433 lbs
Inverter GS Yuasa LBSF-10-T3

Uyeno Transtech Kaiyu Maru

The Kaiyu Maru has 39 Solar Frontier CIS modules installed above the bridge, providing the ship with 3 kW of dependable electricity.


In order to test the ability of CIS modules to withstand maritime conditions, Solar Frontier installed a 3.12 kW photovoltaic system on the crude oil tanker Kaiyu Maru in 2007. The tanker was commissioned by Uyeno Transtech Co. Ltd and is owned by Shikoku Chuo Kisen. The installed modules featured proprietary enhancements over stock modules for marine use.


Uyeno Transtech’s main business is the transportation of petroleum products and petrochemical products by tankers. Approximately 90 percent of petroleum and petrochemical products shipped in Japan is transported by coastal tankers and Uyeno Transtech – using ships like the Kaiyu Maru – handles 20 percent share of that total market.


After three years of continuous use on this commercially operating ocean-class vessel, there has been no power degradation of the Solar Frontier CIS modules since installation, nor has there been any corrosion. Moreover, the solar panels help power ship operations when the boat is at port, a factor which helps reduce toxic emissions and improve the bottom line.

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