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Wilson Electric

North America Commertial

  • Location:Tempe, Arizona
  • Date onstream:2010-02
  • System Capacity:9.4 kWp

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Mark Holohan

Mark Holohan
Solar Energy Division
Wilson Electric

We have observed that CIS outperform other panels by as much as 10 percent during the warmest time of year, when electric rates are highest. We think our clients will be very impressed.

Site Overview

Coordinates 33.4° N, 111.8° W
Average Global Irradiance 1,893 kWh/m2/yr
Average Temperature 22 °C • 71.6 °F
Average Precipitation 195 mm • 7.7 in/yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SF80-US-B (80 W)
Number of panels installed 117
Panel angle and Orientation Tilt 18°, South 0°
Output Mar. '10 - Nov. '10 17,509 kWh (AC)
CO2 reduction 14 mt - 15.4 t

Wilson Electric

Wilson Electric has a 35-year track record of delivering high-quality installations and systems to commercial clients across Arizona, USA. Through their focus on customer service they have become the largest electrical contractor in Arizona — a state that is becoming a center for the American solar industry.


As part of its research into delivering better products to its customers, Wilson installed Solar Frontier CIS modules on the roof of their corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. The resulting data has allowed them to compare the bene ts of CIS technology to conventional silicon panels. The engineers at Wilson have been favorably impressed.


The inherent nature of CIS panels to deliver higher output than nameplate capacity (the “light soaking” effect) enables Solar Frontier’s panels to provide more kilowatt hours per kilowatt than the competition, even against industry-leading polysilicon panels. It’s qualities such as these that make CIS an ideal choice for high-sunlight applications in intense irradiation environments such as Arizona.

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