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Wildflecken Solar Power Plant

Europe Utility

  • Location:Wildflecken, Germany
  • Date onstream:2011-06
  • System Capacity:551.2 kWp

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Günther Blank
Project Manager
BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH

The solar power plant is an outstanding example of how sustainable and environmentally friendly energy can be compatible with the preservation of the traditional landscape of a region. The uniform black appearance of the Solar Frontier modules integrates.

Site Overview

Coordinates 50.37° N, 9.92° E
Average Global Irradiance 1,049 kWh/m²/yr
Average Temperature 8.0° C • 46.4° F
Average Precipitation 824 mm • 32.4 in./yr

Technical Overview

Panel Type SF130-L (130 W)
Number of panels installed 4,240
Panel angle and Orientation 20°, 0° South
Output 600,000 kWh/yr (estimated)
CO2 reduction 413 tons/yr

Wildflecken Solar Power Plant

The CIS modules installed in this landscape complement the natural scenery, while also making peaceful use of this former military training ground.



BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH, headquartered in the Photovoltaics Centre Kolitzheim in Schweinfurt, is a market-leading designer, manufacturer and constructor of ground-mounted solar power plants. BELECTRIC employs more than 1,600 people in 15 nations and has been the market leader in the power plant segment since 2010. Among the company’s strengths is its expertise in manufacturing BOS equipment.


In June 2011, BELECTRIC connected the solar power plant located on the former military grounds at Wildflecken to the grid, bringing to a close the area’s martial history and setting an example for the sustainable and innovative use of conversion real estate. The power plant employs Solar Frontier CIS modules and can provide 158 households per year with energy.


One particular achievement was the integration into the landscape of the Hohen Rhön. This was an important aspect in the planning and implementation of the 551 kWp power plant, as it is located in the heart of the Rhön Nature Reserve. However, the most convincing aspects of the 4,240 photovoltaic modules were their economic viability and high efficiency. To meet these requirements BELECTRIC chose thin-film technology from Solar Frontier. The power plant shows how solar energy can supply environmentally friendly electricity, and convert unused land to more productive purposes.

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