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Ewa Beach Residential System

North America Residential

  • Location:Hawaii, U.S.A.
  • Date onstream:2013-5
  • System Capacity:11.1 kWp

Darren Furumoto

Darren Furumoto
Risōurce Energy

Installation after installation, Solar Frontier CIS panels exceed expectations. Their performance and reliability are winning fans here in Hawaii.

Site Overview

Location Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Coordinates 21.3° N, -158° W
Average global irradiance 2,127 kWh/m2/yr
Average temperature 24 °C • 75 °F
Average precipitation 1650 mm • 64.9 in/yr

Technical Overview

Panel type SF165-S (165 W)
Number of installed panels 67
Tilt angle, orientation 20°, 220°
Inverter Power-One (x2)

Ewa Beach Main

The house at Ewa Beach has several trees close by, but the shadow tolerance of Solar Frontier CIS panels minimized their impact on power generation.
Known primarily for its surf and sand, the US state of Hawaii is also developing a reputation for its solar power generation. In fact, Hawaii was the first region in America where photovoltaic energy reached grid parity. One of the drivers for this achievement is the expense of imported fuel, which is predicted to cost 4 times more than on the US mainland. Demand for solar panels is constant.
After having worked with a variety of panel types, Honolulu-based Risōurce Energy founded its company with the aim of focusing on residential installations of CIS panels. The low-light absorption, heat resistance and shadow tolerance features of CIS panels deliver significantly improved power generation characteristics versus standard crystalline silicon panels. And homeowners are universally enthusiastic about their aesthetics as well.
For the installation at Ewa Beach, encroaching trees cause shading issues, but the cell circuit layout of Solar Frontier thin-film CIS solar panels inhibits the negative effects of shadows to provide steady, reliable output. The residents are reporting energy output beyond initial estimates, and they are delighted with the reduced size of their monthly electricity bills.

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