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Calipatria Solar Project

North America Utility

  • Location:Imperial County, California
  • Date onstream:Early 2016
  • System Capacity:20,000 kWp

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Site Overview

Coordinates 33° 8’37” N, 115°29’50” W
Avg. Temperatures 22.8°C / 73°F

Technical Overview

Panel Type SF170-S (1000V)
Number Panels 129,408
Trackers Clavijo Single Axis Tracker
Inverter Bonfiglioli 2.5 MW RPS TL-UL
Offtaker San Diego Gas & Electric
PPA 20-Year
CO2 Reduction 39,000 Tons Annually


Solar Frontier Americas Development’s Calipatria Solar Project Is Installed With CIS Technology, A Better Choice For Solar Plants Exposed To Extreme Heat


Calipatria Solar Project was developed by Solar Frontier Americas Development, a subsidiary of Solar Frontier, the world’s largest CIS solar energy solutions provider. The 20 megawatt (MW) project is located due east of San Diego near the city of Calipatria. The solar power generation plant is powered by Solar Frontier’s CIS thin-film modules, an advanced technology known for its economical and ecological advantages.


The panels have a low temperature coefficient enabling them to generate more power than conventional modules in hot climates. Combine that benefit with the product's light-soaking effect and single axis, horizontal tracking system and the solar system can effectively capture more sunlight over the course of the day. Annual solar plant energy yields can be expected to exceed conventional modules over the lifetime of the system.


Construction on Calipatria started in August of 2015 by Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm DEPCOM Power. The project employed dozens of local workers. As Calipatria nears completion, the solar plant is expected to generate approximately 52,000 MW/h of energy annually. San Diego Gas & Electric are contracted to purchase the renewable energy under a 20-year agreement. This will help the utility meet their Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). California has the most aggressive RPS in the US requiring utilities to procure 50% of their electricity from renewables by 2030. The solar energy generated from Calipatria is enough to power 5,000 homes per year.


Solar Frontier Americas Development, with 280 MW of utility-scale solar projects in their pipeline, is an experienced and highlyskilled technical team. Committed to quality, they develop and manage high-performing, best-in-class solar generation power plants delivering impressive returns for project owners and investors.

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