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Case Studies

Mount Hutton Residential

Oceania Residential

  • Location:Newcastle, Australia
  • Date onstream:2010-11
  • System Capacity:9.2 kWp
  • User's Comment:We did quite a bit of research and found that the Solar Frontier panels had the most efficient Watt rating, variation with temperature and the best lifespan. You get more bang for your Watt! (Geoff Tyler/Homeowner Mount Hutton New South Wales)

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Tochigi Residential

Asia Residential

  • Location:Tochigi, Japan
  • Date onstream:2010-02
  • System Capacity:4.3 kWp
  • User's Comment:We chose Solar Frontier because their CIS modules have good conversion efficiency and are less sensitive to shadows. Their all-black appearance offers great design and the installation cost is relatively inexpensive. (Yasuyuki Ogasawara/Homeowner)

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Yokohama Smart House Project

Asia Residential

  • Location:Yokohama, Japan
  • Date onstream:2010-11
  • System Capacity:2.1 kWp
  • User's Comment:We selected Solar Frontier’s CIS modules because their all-black appearance not only offers good design, but excellent value as well. We recommend them to anyone who wants a ‘smarter’ house. (Shingo Iwai/Store Manager, Yokohama Branch Housing Division Sumitomo Forestry)

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