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Case Studies

Yusen Terminal

North America Commertial

  • Location:Los Angleles, USA
  • Date onstream:2010-04
  • System Capacity:7.6 kWp
  • User's Comment:CIS modules have given us excellent output and their outstanding warranty will protect us against potential corrosion from the sea air. (Linda Aasen-Frame/Director Environmental & Quality Affairs Yusen Terminals Inc.)

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Wilson Electric

North America Commertial

  • Location:Tempe, Arizona
  • Date onstream:2010-02
  • System Capacity:9.4 kWp
  • User's Comment:We have observed that CIS outperform other panels by as much as 10% during the warmest time of year, when electric rates are highest. We think our clients will be very impressed. (Mark Holohan/Manager Solar Energy Division Wilson Electric)

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