• Electricity costs are increasing worldwide. From office complexes and factories to farm buildings, harbor facilities and airport terminals, Solar Frontier is offering businesses an energy alternative:
    • Reduce electricity costs, especially during peak daytime business hours
    • Maximize the performance of your investment as a power producer
    • Ensure reliable, stable and long-term electricity yield
    • Become eligible for renewable energy tax breaks and other renewable energy subsidies

Our Advantages

  • Performance:
    Our CIS solutions generate more electricity (kilowatt-hours per kilowatt-peak) than crystalline silicon in actual operating conditions. This is key to cost-competitive and reliable returns on investment in the solar energy market.
  • Quality Assurance:
    Our modules are precision-engineered in our highly automated factory in Japan. They generate high and reliable yields in harsh environments such as farms or in hot regions.
  • Global Experience:
    We have supplied our CIS modules and created customized solutions for roof- and ground-mounted commercial projects worldwide. This includes curved surfaces and rooftops in less-than ideal orientations.
  • Design:
    The black, anti-glare surface of our modules offers a high quality design element without disturbing surroundings. This is a key reason our modules were even selected for a project in the world-heritage town of Hiraizumi, Japan.

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Did you know?

Ideal installations usually face south at a tilt angle of 30 degrees and below. But not every rooftop meets these conditions. The low-light behavior of Solar Frontier’s CIS modules enables high electricity yield even on rooftops with east/west orientation and whether installed vertically or horizontally. This is not the case for crystalline silicon solar panels.


Solar Frontier’s CIS technology maintains high output even when installed in east-west orientation,
as well as horizontally or vertically.



  • Coober Pedy Airport Terminal Australia
    Coober Pedy Airport Terminal Australia
    "The area around Coober Pedy is hot, dry and dusty. In conditions like these, CIS thin-film panels are the perfect solution for dependable and economical solar energy."
    Theo Strecker
    Project Engineer
    Solar Shop Australia Pty Ltd
  • Nippon Yusen Kaisha Ooi Terminal, Japan
    Nippon Yusen Kaisha Ooi Terminal, Japan
    "Solar Frontier’s CIS modules were the ideal solution for our needs. They offer excellent efficiency, stable output and outstanding durability. We intend to install these panels in our facilities in other areas."
    Tetsuya Muraki
    Green Energy Group NYK Trading Corp
  • Edeka Parking Rooftop, Germany
    Edeka Parking Rooftop, Germany
    "Solar Frontier’s CIS thin-film modules have convinced me for a number of reasons: their high performance and efficiency as well as being ecological, free of cadmium and lead. The installation is the perfect example of how we can use parking lot roof space to generate ecological energy. We are very proud to have been nominated for the environment award of the city of Schwabach."
    Roland Krawczyk
    Edeka Supermarket

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