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  • Kunitomi Plant
    Kunitomi Plant
    Capacity: 900 MW
    Site Area: 400,000m²
    Investment: JPY 100B
    On line: 2011
  • Tohoku Plant
    Tohoku Plant
    Capacity: 150 MW
    Site Area: 70,000m²
    Investment: JPY 13B
    On line: 2015

Located in southern Japan, our 900 MW Kunitomi Plant produces CIS modules with among the highest level of wattages available in thin-film. It does so at industry competitive cost. The Kunitomi Plant is today one of the largest module plants worldwide, manufacturing 15,000 modules per day.

Our production process is key to our bankability. Through high automation and precision engineering, we bring everything from raw materials to finished modules under one roof. No hands touch our modules until the final quality check, with multiple computerized and manned quality monitoring stations throughout. This ensures lower production costs, maximum quality and high product standardization.

Highly automated production process at the Kunitomi Plant. No hands touch Solar Frontier'S modules until the final quality check.

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