• Solar energy is helping homeowners worldwide take control of their electricity needs.
    • Reduce electricity costs and be more energy independent
    • Become eligible for surplus-electricity buyback programs
    • Ensure a secure source of backup electricity
    • Ensure that you are sourcing clean, renewable energy

Our Advantages

  • Performance: 
    Our CIS solutions generate more electricity (kilowatt-hours per kilowatt-peak) than crystalline silicon in actual operating conditions. This is key to cost-competitive and reliable returns on investment when it comes to owning a solar energy system.
  • Quality Assurance: 
    Our modules are precision-engineered in our highly automated factories in Japan. They generate high and reliable yields in harsh environments, from deserts to coastal regions.
  • Design:
    The black, anti-glare surface of our modules offers a high quality design element without disturbing surroundings. This is a key reason our modules were selected for a project in the world-heritage town of Hiraizumi, Japan.
  • Environmentally friendly: 
    We take it a step further. Our CIS modules require less energy and materials to produce than crystalline silicon panels. Our modules are also voluntarily compliant with the European Union's RoHS directive, a key environmental regulation.

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Did you know?

Solar Frontier built its business on the residential rooftops of Japan, a country known for its high standards in performance, reliability and safety. Highly automated processes and precision-engineering ensure maximum quality and minimum risk.

Unlike crystalline silicon modules, no hands touch our modules during the production process until the final quality check.



  • Hawaii, USA
    Hawaii, USA
    "Installation after installation, Solar Frontier CIS panels exceed expectations. Their performance and reliability are winning fans here in Hawaii."
    Darren Furumoto,
    Risource Energy
  • Ranst, Belgium
    Ranst, Belgium
    "Solar Frontier’s modules were selected based on both their appearance and high specific yield. It was important that the modules could seamlessly integrate with our house and the surroundings."
    Guy Vandendungen
    Houseowner and Director of Engineering & Supply
    Ikaros Solar
  • Mt. Hutton, Australia
    Mt. Hutton, Australia
    "We did quite a bit of research and found that the Solar Frontier panels had the most efficient Watt rating, variation with temperature and the best lifespan. You get more bang for your Watt!"
    Geoff Tyler

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