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CIS is different. Solar Frontier has worked with leading solar panel technologies since the 1970s, including crystalline silicon. We realized in the early 1990s the unique potential of CIS - and we’ve pursued it ever since.

CIS stands for key ingredients copper, indium and selenium. But like other CIS manufacturers, we also include the elements gallium and sulfur in the semiconductor layer. That’s why our technology is sometimes called CIGS.

In the solar panel industry, CIS is known for its economical, ecological advantages. 


  • Appearance
    Solar Frontier CIS modules have a black module surface and a black aluminum frame*. The color comes from our proprietary production process. Only two silver busbars are visible on the edge of the module.
  • Frame
    The black frame of the Solar Frontier modules is an integrated functional and design element. It is made of long-life anti-corrosion aluminum which is screwed at the corners. This guarantees long life reliability and aesthetics.
  • Anti-Reflective
    Some PV modules have a glass surface that strongly reflects sunlight. Solar Frontier modules use patented anti-glare glass - for aesthetics, safety and efficiency.

*In a few cases, module surface may appear cloudy. This is because we use non-toxic materials such as zinc in our production process. Referred to as the Aurora Effect, this does not affect the module's performance.

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