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CIS is different. Solar Frontier has worked with leading solar panel technologies since the 1970s, including crystalline silicon. We realized in the early 1990s the unique potential of CIS - and we’ve pursued it ever since.

CIS stands for key ingredients copper, indium and selenium. But like other CIS manufacturers, we also include the elements gallium and sulfur in the semiconductor layer. That’s why our technology is sometimes called CIGS.

In the solar panel industry, CIS is known for its economical, ecological advantages. 


In addition to making the most economical solar energy solutions, our mission is to also make the most ecological ones. Solar Frontier’s CIS modules have been designed to meet environmental standards and requirements.

  • Voluntarily certified as compliant with RoHS
    Solar Frontier’s unique CIS technology uses zero cadmium, is lead-free and has no special recycling requirements. We are certified as compliant with the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances regulations (RoHS).

  • Energy-efficient production
    Energy Payback Time (EPT) is the time required for a module to generate the same amount of energy spent in its production. CIS modules require 60% less energy to produce than crystalline silicon modules.

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