• Whether a landowner, an investor, a private or public utility, Solar Frontier helps large-scale solar power plant owners:
    • Maximize the performance of their investment as a power producer
    • Ensure reliable, stable and long-term electricity yield
    • Provide a low-cost and clean energy source for industrial facilities
    • Reduce carbon emissions and meet renewable energy legislation and subsidy programs

Our Advantages

  • Performance:
    Our CIS solutions generate more electricity (kilowatt-hours per kilowatt-peak) than crystalline silicon in actual operating conditions. This is key to cost-competitive and reliable returns on investment in the solar energy market.
  • Quality Assurance:
    Our modules are precision-engineered in our highly automated factory in Japan. They generate high and reliable yields in harsh environments such as coastal areas or deserts.
  • Global Experience:
    We have worked on megawatt-scale projects in Japan through to an 82.5 MW project in Catalina, USA, the largest CIS installation worldwide. Our projects are found worldwide, from colder environments to hot desert climates.

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Did you know?

CIS arrays can be moved closer together to increase a PV system’s energy density (kWh/m²) – in spite of partial shading from neighboring arrays. This gives system engineers more options to boost a system’s energy output, and ultimately, a project’s IRR.

What’s the reason behind all of this? It has a lot to do with how CIS cells are arranged inside of the module. CIS cells are long, run parallel to the longer edge of the module and are connected in series. If the module is installed in portrait, this cell arrangement means that only shaded areas of the module will be affected. The part of the module that is not covered by shading will continue to operate normally. In turn, this means that more arrays can be squeezed into a smaller space, boosting a PV systems power output in spite of any partial shading caused by neighboring arrays.


Since CIS modules have a higher tolerance for partially shaded conditions, arrays can be moved closer together to increase power density when required.



  • Bonnhof, Germany
    Bonnhof, Germany
    “CIS thin-film modules from Solar Frontier were our first choice for this three megawatt solar power plant. Besides the high module efficiency, the high quality and easy installation of framed modules were crucial decision factors.”
    Bernhard Beck
    Managing Director
  • Phetchabun, Thailand
    Phetchabun, Thailand
    “Choosing Solar Frontier for this project is a reflection of our confidence in the superior performance of CIS modules.”
    Gunkul Dhumrogpiyawut
    Gunkul Engineering
  • Coalinga, USA
    Coalinga, USA
    “Everything that Solar Frontier has said they’ll do, they’ve done.”
    Sean Kilgrow
    Renewable Power Business Manager
    Granite Construction

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